The Sandhills Stewards program is based around the assumption that a ranch is a dynamic system, with four main components that are interdependent upon each other for the success of the overall ranch system. These components are broken into Understanding Ourselves, Understanding our Environment, Understanding our Livestock and Understanding the Business. This workshop will focus on (understanding) taking care of the people. 

Alan Crocket (formerly a part of Ranch Management Consultants) has been known to say “Every problem is a people problem.” The implied meaning being that because the people in the operation are always the ones to implement the solutions for any problems faced (or take advantage of opportunities) accurate and productive communication is a skill that should continually be improved. A better understanding of ourselves (as well as those we work closely with), paired with the tools provided at this workshop will help producers, not only in our ranch business, but participants will likely find these skills to be applicable for a variety of situations.

Our Objectives: For participants to leave the workshop with an understanding of some basic personality traits and communication styles associated with them as well as actionable strategies to improve communication between them. Participants will also be introduced to additional problem solving tools/ strategies that can be applied to a variety of situations, as well as a list of actionable items to start/ keep them on the path to success. Participants will leave with an explanation and immediately actionable steps to apply the following tools:

The Real Colors Personality Instrument is a leading edge tool that bridges temperament theory and real life applications in a way that is easy to understand, fun to learn and that offers unprecedented levels of retention. Using Real Colors, people learn to recognize, accept and value the differences in others while improving understanding, empathy and communication.

De Bono Group discussion process: Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. A powerful tool set, which once learned can be applied immediately.

The Stress Effect is a powerful book that leads to an understanding of how elevated levels of stress affect/ influence our cognitive and emotional intelligence and how stress leads to poor decision making. It calls attention to the effects of both chronic and acute stress on our bodies. With an increased understanding of the key ideas of the book participants can probe their own (or their organization’s) stress level and understand how stress may affect their decision-making abilities. Participants can use the ARSENAL tool to create their own Stress Reduction Development Plan.

Crucial Conversations is backed by 30 years of social science, and the Crucial Conversations skills represent the standard in effective communication and the marker of high performance individuals and organizations. Participants will have an understanding of nine powerful skills for working through disagreement to achieve better results.

We will apply the tools as we discuss examples based directly on a variety of relationships involved in the daily operation of a working ranch such as employer/employee, landowner/tenant, as well as the family relationships involved in a multigenerational ranching operation. Although our primary goal is to provide active producers a new set of immediately actionable communication skills, a thorough knowledge of daily ranch operations is not required. Attendees are encouraged to invite off-ranch participants whenever they believe a shared knowledge base would be beneficial to improve communication effectiveness. 

The members of the Sandhills Task Force believe the best way to protect the Sandhills is to help empower the individual landowners. A producer’s livelihood is tied directly to the land, fostering an intimate relationship that isn’t easily duplicated.

This land is a unique ecosystem that is an important habitat for a variety of fish, birds, plants and wildlife, and it’s individual landowners are the strong backbone of the area’s ranching economy, and the viability of the numerous small communities scattered throughout the Sandhills are dependent on their success.

That is why we hope to help serve the men and women producers of our area and are excited to announce our newest outreach program:

Sandhills Stewards

Our Mission:

To protect and enhance the Sandhills with profitable, enjoyable businesses.

Our Vision:

Sandhills Stewards is a program designed to help bring our Sandhills producers the tools they need most to be successful. Ultimately it is a network of producers throughout the Sandhills that share common values that use those values to help shape the culture of our area. We believe that strong communities and local connections are the most effective way to implement the changes that we want to see around us.

Our Goals:

~Share and spread our enthusiasm for stewardship of the unique natural resources of our area.

~Understand the challenges of the producers in our area and help bring them the ideas, tools, and resources they need most to be successful.

~Encourage connection and strong community engagement to make sure that the Sandhill region remains a strong and independent region in our great state.


Here is a video to give a brief explanation of the Sandhills Task Force and our newest program Sandhills Stewards.

Meet our Stewardship Coordinator

My name is Ty Walker and I am excited to be the newest member of the Sandhills Task Force team. I look forward to helping our area producers identify and address the problems in their operations as they work to manage our natural resources with enjoyable and profitable businesses.

Learn more about how we hope to help our

Strong Sandhills Producers.