The Sandhills Task Force works with many partners, but the most important partner is the ranching family.  Our projects are completed on private land with willing landowners or tenants with goals of improving the natural resources they are stewards of.

Our other partners include state agencies, federal agencies, private organizations and businesses, and granting organizations.  Below is a list of many of our partners.


US Fish & Wildllife Service
Nebraska Game & Parks – Outdoor Nebraska
The Nebraska Environmental Trust
Natural Resources Conservational Service
Ducks Unlimited
Pride Weed Watch
Rocky Mountain Bird Observation
The Nebraska Land Trust
Nebraska Cattleman
Nebraska Bird Partnership
The Nature Conservancy
Nebraska Association of Resources Districts
US Forest Service



The Nebraska Ranch Practicum
Ranchers Stewardship Alliance
Blackfoot Challenge
U.S. Fish & Wildlife – Mountain-Prairie Region – Nebraska
Land Trust Alliance
USGS – Land-Cover Change in the United States Great Plains

Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway


The Nebraska Sandhills

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