Our work in the Sandhills

Another successful Sandhills prescribed burn was completed yesterday south of Thedford! Many cedars were killed, much knowledge was gained, and partnerships were strengthened! Neighboring ranchers came to help along with folks from the Sandhills Task Force, US Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and Gravatis Peak! This kind of partnership is what is going to help us win the war on cedars. Contact us if you want to learn more! PC: Ashley Garrelts



We completed a small stream restoration project today in the central Sandhills. Two water control structures were built out of concrete waste blocks and they will bring the water level back up to where it historically was and they will prevent down-cutting or degradation of the intermittent in the future.

Keeping cattle in the same pasture for the whole growing season can cause erosion, like the blowout on the left, trailing, and reduced plant vigor. This is a proposed project where the Sandhills Task Force would help the landowner install additional livestock water sources and cross fencing so he can implement a rotational grazing system. Can you see the antelope?


The burrowing owls are back in the #Nebraska #Sandhills. They spend their winters as far south as Mexico and migrate up to the #GreatPlains in the spring/summer. This one let the camera get pretty close! To learn more, visit: http://www.nebraskalife.com/Burrowing-Owls-of-Nebraska/ #wildlife #owl #migratorybirds