The Sandhills Task Force strives to provide education to ranchers, wildlife enthusiasts, Nebraska residents, policy makers, and everyone else.  The Nebraska Sandhills have many interesting and unique attributes that anyone would enjoy learning more about.

Upcoming Events

Nebraska Youth Range Camp 2018 – June 11 – 15, 2018 at the Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey.

Past Events

Dr. Dirac Twidwell UNL Associate Professor Range Ecologist

2020 Woody Encroachment meeting featuring Dr. Dirac Twidwell- Associate Professor of Range Ecologist at UNL.  Dr. Twidwell speaks on the Eastern Red Cedar invasion and what it does to the Sandhills and ways to control it.  Click links below to watch!

Session 1            Session 2      Session 3         Session 4

Cedar Session 1- July 1, 2020- Click Here