Enhancing the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem
in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife
and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies.

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STF closes on eastern Sandhills easement - NEW

Nebraska Cattlemen article: "Ranching to conserve; conserving to ranch"
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Platte Basin TIMELAPSE

Proposing to originate a project that not only will allow for this sort of compelling visualization of river processes that can’t be perceived in any other comparable way, but also to provide these images to the public via digital delivery systems (first through a website and later through the developing handheld technologies) that will offer a forum for a variety of other journalistic, research and policy content.
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Homer Buell a Sandhills Task Force board member won the 2012 Leopold Conservation Award for Nebraska. 

The Buell family is part of the fabric of the Nebraska Sandhills. For nearly 130 years, they have ranched in the region, while caring for the land, water, and wildlife that each Buell generation passed on to the next.
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STF announces 4th year of VFD recognition program

The STF will continue to sponsor a program designed to create opportunities for landowners to partner with their local Volunteer Fire Departments (VFD’s). The program provides a $15 per acre “recognition payment” to Sandhills based VFD’s that provide labor and equipment necessary to facilitate a prescribed fire. In the past three years, VFD’s have assisted landowner in burning over 8,000 acres across the Sandhills. The bulk of these burn have been focused at the control eastern red cedar trees across the Sandhills landscape. For more information on this program contact Projects Coordinator Jim Van Winkle.
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STF receives funds for conservation projects

The STF has been the recipient of a $361,200 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund (NETF). The grant is aimed at building capacity to enhance the grasslands, water resources, and wildlife throughout the Sandhills ecosystem. The NETF has been a longtime supporter of the STF partnership model that involves “landowner driven” conservation and results in projects beneficial to the Sandhills resource as well as the people who live there.

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