Enhancing the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem
in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife
and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies.

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Sandhills Task Force  - Resource Library 

Title Date Author Source Topics Covered
Ranching Protects Sandhills 11/03/2005 Rob Ravenscroft Omaha World Herald Agriculture, Ranching, Grazing, Habitat, 
Partnership Helps Young Ranchers Get a Start in the Sandhills 08/2005 Nature Conservancy and Sandhills Task Force Nebraska Cattleman Agriculture, Ranching. STF
Partners on the Range 04/1997 Pat McGrane Nebraska Farmer Agriculture, Ranching. Habitat, Grazing, STF
Sandhills Partnerships  NEW 05/1995 Gene D. Mack NEBRASKAland Magazine Agriculture, Ranching, Habitat, Grazing, Management
In the Kingdom of Grass  NEW 08-09/1992 Margaret A. MacKichan & Bobo Ross  NEBRASKAland Magazine Ranching, History
Grassland Birds and Habitat Structure in Sandhills Prairie Managed Using Cattle or Bison Plus Fire   10/01/1998 Griebel / Winter / Steuter Great Plains Studies, Center for Social Sciences Wildlife, Habitat, Nature
Selection of Nesting Habitat by Sharptailed Grouse in the Nebraska Sandhills   06-01-2002 Prose / Cade / Hein US Geological Survey Wildlife, Habitat
A Collecting Trip in Cherry County in 1900 01/30/1997 J.S. Hunter Natural History of the Sandhills - Internet Nebraska Explorer Wildlife, History, Habitat
Rules of the Game 03/1994 Rocky Hoffman NEBRASKAland Magazine Wildlife, Hunting, Habitat
The Odd Couple  NEW 05/1995 John Farrar NEBRASKAland Magazine Wildlife, Habitat
Sandhill Wild Game Species Abundant Early in 20th Century 11/18/1992 Marianne Beel Sandhills Advertiser Wildlife, History, Habitat, 
A Grouse Manager Hunts Grouse 08/1992 John Farrar NEBRASKAland Magazine Wildlife, Hunting, Habitat
Research for the Birds: Sandhills is the Target of Grassland Bird and Grazing Investigation Larkin Powell School of Natural Resources, UNL Birds, Grazing, Wildlife, Habitat, 
Nebraska's Implacable Place Richard Manning University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies Birds, Wildlife, Habitat, 
Water use by invasive eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) in the Nebraska Sandhills  2011 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Vegetation, Grazing, Water
Blowouts - Fascinating Topographical Features of the Nebraska Sandhills  NEW 06/2008 John Farrar NEBRASKAland Magazine Vegetation, Habitat
Ground Water Sustenance of Nebraska’s Unique Sand Hills Peatland Fen Ecosystems   2007 F. Edwin Harvey, James B. Swinehart, and TinaM. Kurtz Water
Landcover of Nebraska Map   Henebry /  Merchant Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies Vegetation, Grazing
2006 Vegetation Survey of the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge 03/2006 Robert F. Steinauer Vegetation, Grazing
The Sandhills: A Desert Under Grass 03/2006 James Swinehart Nebraska Cattleman Agriculture, Ranching, Grazing, Habitat, 
Stitching Rips in the Sandhills 09/1999 Ann Toner Nebraska Farmer Agriculture, Ranching, Grazing, Habitat, 
Alkaline Meadows of the North Platte River Valley  NEW 1994 Gerry Steinauer NEBRASKAland Magazine Water, wildlife, Habitat, Vegetation
The Nebraska Sand Hills 04/1991 Ann Bleed and CharlesFlowerday Rangelands Agriculture, Ranching, Grazing, Habitat, 
Notes on Nebraska Flora - Blowout
03/1986 Curt Twedt NEBRASKAland Magazine Vegetation
Sediment Gives Glimpse of Sand Hills' Past Climate Doris Ann Ware World-Herald Star
Integrated Management of Eastern Red Cedar on Grasslands John Ortmann, James Stubbendieck, Robert Mitchell Vegetation, Grazing
Sandhills Alkaline Wetlands Alkaline Wetlands Vegetation
Range Management of Alkaline
Gerry Stenauer  Vegetation, Grazing, Management, Ranching
Black Homesteaders Scratching Out A Living  NEW 1988 John Farrar NEBRASKAland Magazine Sandhills History, People
Opening of the Sandhills 08/25/1934 Joella Waddill Sandhills History
Early Days in the Sandhills 03/22/1930 Dan Adamson Nebraska Farmer Sandhills History, Agriculture
Bachelor Ranch Visit 1913 01/1914 James Cowan Crookston Herald Sandhills History, Agriculture, Hunting, Habitat
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