Enhancing the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem
in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife
and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies.

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The Sandhills Task Force
This website was created to provide information about the Sandhills Task Force, its goal, vision, and the types of projects being completed through their Sandhills Management Program. 

Our Goal Statement

The goal of the Sandhills Task Force is to enhance the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies. 


The Sandhills Task Force began as a group of people concerned about the future of the Sandhills. Beginning in 1990, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hired a person to assess the Sandhills resources and develop a program that would ensure the future of the grassland resource. While resource organizations welcomed the initiative, Nebraska Cattlemen and ranchers were concerned about the growing control government was having on their land and ranching operations. 

In 1991, the Nebraska Cattlemen and Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to bring individuals from both sides together to provide input to the Service in developing a plan that would be both beneficial and acceptable within the Sandhills. In 1993, the plan was signed by each member of the group and the Fish and Wildlife Service. It was at this time that the Sandhills Task Force decided to continue as a group to ensure the plan was implemented. Within the next three years, the group became a non-profit corporation recognized by the state of Nebraska. It became instrumental in obtaining funding to finance conservation projects on privately owned lands, grazing workshops, an educational video, and research projects. 

Its ability to find practical, win-win solutions to resource problems has given it recognition at the state and national level. The Task Force has been recognized as a workable model of a grassroots approach to landscape conservation.

In 2000, the Sandhills Task Force received its tax-exempt status (501 (c) 3) from the Internal Revenue Service.

STF Strategic Plan

Photo Essay

View Photos of the Sandhills and our organization.

Contact Shelly Kelly at director@sandhillstaskforce.org or contact the organization at comments@sandhillstaskforce.org.

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The Sandhills Task Force would like to hear from you. Our organization believes people are a very important part of conservation. If you have a project you believe the Task Force can help you with, or you would like to share your views and ideas, please contact us.

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